Flagging & Indian Stone Paving Harrogate, Leeds

Flagging & Indian Stone

Flagging & Indian Stone Paving Harrogate, Leeds

Within our extensive range of paving options we offer a premium range of flagstones in Natural Stone, Limestone, Sandstone and Travertine.

We also offer a range of accessories from circle features to edging stones, granite sets and stepping stones.

Flagstones have the ability to make an impressive patio or pathway. There's no paving finer than natural stone paving.

As it's a natural product every batch is unique; with texture and colour determined by natural processes. It is strong and hardwearing and if that wasn't enough it's also pleasing to the eye and makes an area really come to life.

Historically, York Stone has always been associated with quality. For centuries it has paved buildings where only the best materials were used.

Reclaimed York Stone has a weathered appearance making it the choice of discerning homeowners looking to create an immediate sense of age and maturity.