Imprinted Concrete Leeds

Imprinted Drives

Pattern imprinted concrete is:

Weed Free - Oil Resistance - Low Maintenance

Mick Hope provides a full range of pattern imprinted concrete with the extended range of colours, patterns and designs. This creates limitless combinations, helping you commission the perfect approach to your property, brining life and colour to your driveway, paths and pool surroundings.

Pattern imprinted concrete is also known as Stamped Concrete, Decorative Concrete and Pressed Concrete. It transforms any driveway and adds desirability to your property, brightening the whole image of your property and enhancing its kerb appeal.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete requires little maintenance as the finished surface is sealed, protecting the driveway from stains.

This type of paving is well suited to driveways, patios and pathways. We offer a resealing and recolouring service to revitalise an old pattern imprinted surface should you wish.

Patten imprinted concrete is not only the easiest surface to maintain it's also completely weed free!